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Our Work

We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for. Outputs drive inputs, so we identify the desired outcomes up front. Through careful planning and a laser-focused approach, we plan the work and then diligently execute the plan with transparency and agility. Our methods yield less variability of outcome and deliver the results required to drive performance and profitability.

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Build Best-In Class Finance, Planning, & Analysis

Finance, Planning & Analysis is part of the central nervous system of any organization, and must be a key strategic partner to the C-suite. One client was flying blind in the absence of timely, accurate, and meaningful reporting, which was eroding margin and profitability. Hearken was engaged to identify business drivers and implement a robust reporting program.

Operations Strategy and
M&A Due Diligence

One insurance business processing outsourcer wanted to establish an onshore presence to complement its existing successful offshore business. The engagement: build a business model, financial projections, manage site selection and incentive negotiations, establish new legal business entities, negotiate lease agreements, and manage complete construction and fit-out. The project required Board of Directors engagement and approval, and the client was later sold to a Private Equity firm.

The CEO of an MGA engaged Hearken to lead an acquisition due diligence and recommend go/no-go. 

Government and Defense Contracting Strategy and Finance

A repeat client's subsidiary wanted to expand its product base to include materials required in the fabrication of certain products acquired by the U.S. government.  Hearken advised them on issues pertaining to the new product development cycle and government contracting.

Another client that served the U.S. Department of Defense as a prime

and sub-prime wanted to outsource its CFO position, and sought Hearken as a successful solution. Within a short period of time, Hearken's deep understanding of FAR and DFARS enabled the client to improve all aspects of its Finance team, transferring knowledge and building capability.

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