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Hearken Advisors exists to understand your business issues and drive enterprise value through the design and implementation of customized solutions tailored to the needs of executive leadership teams.

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Corporate Finance and Business Operations

Hearken's services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process to yield measurable results. Looking to build a best-in-class function that is optimized to elate customers, improve margin, and drive profitability? Thinking about your eventual exit? What you need to do now to prepare?

Contact Hearken today to find out how we can help.

Business Performance Consulting

How do you drive performance? What are your key business drivers and what levers can you use to positively impact them?
Hearken Advisors is skilled at identifying key performance improvement opportunities, designing tailored solutions, and implementing them. We identify the root cause of issues, and deliver solutions designed to grow and manage optimized, profitable businesses.

U.S. Government and DoD Contracting

Hearken Advisors understands that U.S. Government Contracting is a world unto itself. With deep knowledge of FAR and DFARs, and USG client expectations, we assist clients with meeting complex regulatory requirements such as ITAR compliance and also satisfying the needs of regulators and auditors including the DCMA and DCAA. Whether you are a long-time prime or sub-prime contractor looking to improve your interactions with regulators, or entirely new to government contracting, we can ease these burdens.

Deliverables-Based  Executive Coaching

While executive coaching can occasionally be useful, coaching is most valuable when paired with the execution of deliverables through a rolled-up-sleeves, subject matter expert approach to actually completing work based on clearly documented expectations of outcomes. From birth, people learn by watching and doing. Hearken works alongside executives and future leaders not only to achieve key results, but to develop and transfer the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to solve problems that drive growth and profitability. Utilizing decades of experience and thousands of data points, Hearken teaches clients how to recognize data points and anticipate likely data patterns that impact business success. Are you ready to invest in your business by developing key colleagues and bringing them to the next level of capability?

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